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Welcome!  You can now buy natural, untreated, jade jewelry directly from the experts at Mason-Kay!
Since 1976 we have been a family-owned and operated business specializing only in natural jade.
We are thrilled you have found the best source for all your natural jade jewelry and natural jade gift needs.

“Gold Has Value, But Jade Is Priceless” ancient Chinese saying.

Natural jade is a remarkably beautiful and exquisite gemstone.
The stone is incredibly tough, durable, and found in an amazing range of natural vivid colors.

For thousands of years, Chinese culture has valued natural jadeite jade jewelry for its protective and healing properties.
It is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and help ward away negative and evil spirits.
According to the ancient Chinese principal of Feng Shui, jadeite jade is not only coveted for its healing properties but can also inspire prosperity.

Jade holds its value, feels amazing to the touch and has been prized for centuries by Eastern cultures.
In ancient Chinese life, as well as modern, jade gifts accompany many major celebrations like births, marriages,
and important business transactions.
One Chinese emperor once offered 15 cities for one jade carving that he could hold in his hand.

Jade is often worn touching the skin, for the health of the jade and for the wearer.
This is not the case with diamonds and other faceted colored gemstones.
Our body oils detract from the beauty of those stones, but not a jade stone. The natural oils in our bodies help maintain jade's beautiful glow and polish,
while the motion of loving your jadeite jewelry is said to provide one with a calming and soothing sensation resulting in emotional healing.
In Chinese culture, it is even believed that jade protects the wearer from harm.

So, remember jade loves love, so love your jadeite jade jewelry!

It is also said that you don't really pick the jade - it actually finds you!

Let The Jade Find You at MK Jade Jewelry!

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