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Jade Gifts

Jade has been a popular and thoughtful gift choice for more than 8000 years. First located in the Xinjiang region of Ancient China, jade, the rarest and hardest stone, quickly became a popular choice for everything from jewelry and ritual items to items used on the desks of the wealthy and royal. In ancient China, jade was a symbol of purity and integrity, making the gemstone a much-desired possession. Natural and authentic jade has exceptional durability, unmatched beauty, and supposed magical qualities, which have led to the popularity of jade gifts.

The Benefits of Real Jade

Real jade, also called natural jadeite and natural nephrite, cannot be carved by a normal metal knife commonly used for ordinary stones. Instead, in the early days, the gemstone was shaped using a cord and sand, carved with a drill, and polished to a brilliant shine. Modern carving methods have become increasingly elaborate, with artisans now able to accomplish more with jade than ever before. Jade’s overall durability makes authentic jadeite desirable for both jewelry and decorative items. Some alternative medicines believe that jade can be used to treat anxiety, stress, and even blood circulation disorders. Jade is also associated with good health, wealth, and love. These qualities make jade gifts an excellent choice for those close to you. Mason-Kay uses real jade in our products and every purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Jade by Color

Green has long been the preferred and best-known color of jade. Lavender and ice are a close second and red, yellow, white, grey, and black are all fashion favorites. Authentic jadeite is available in an incredible array of natural and vivid colors. No matter who you are shopping for, there is a color of jade for everyone and every occasion.

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MK Jade Jewelry uses untreated, authentic, and natural jadeite in all our jade anniversary gifts for sale. We are the ideal source for your jade gifts and jewelry for him and her. Browse our wide range of jade gifts to find a lovely jade anniversary gift or special occasion gift for a loved one.

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